The problem of dry air is inevitable

The installation of modern ventilation systems exposes the problem of dry indoor air, during cold season which is often neglected. Humon’s goal is for everyone to breathe easily, work and live comfortably, while enjoying perfect air quality.

More and more people choose HUMON

When they couldn't find a humidifier and air purifier that met their customers' needs, MK Technika developed the unrivalled HUMON. Everyone who has tried it has noticed a positive change in their life, relaxation and sleep

of respondents are

satisfied with HUMON



from 2022

3 years

of technology development and refinement


Validated, licensed

and certified

MK Technika – Developers

MK Technika UAB manufactures and supplies ventilation system elements in Lithuania and abroad. A strong and reliable team has been working since 2008 and they know how to improve the indoor microclimate, which protects people's health. With HUMON and MK Technika you can be sure that the investment in your well-being will pay off.